SILVERSNAKE MICHELLE is a musical artist and rock singer-songwriter.

She began as a theatre actress in Turin where she studied at Teatro Nuovo and Tangram Teatro.

In 2013 she undertook a personal musical research path. Since then she has been composing and interpreting her own songs, under the name of SilverSnake Michelle. Her stage name is a symbol of rebirth and wisdom, and it represents life itself.

"Starry night of lazy fall
I’ll tell myself deepest lie
You know, I see you though
if you’re only ghost
Slender moon in the sky..."

It all started that night when I dreamt of a very dear friend.

In the dream he asked me how much longer I would hide myself from myself.

He told me that in the long run this would kill me, by my own hand (as he did).

I woke up crying and began to watch that demon I rejected so much.

And night after night... I scraped away from myself an opaque skin that was not mine.

Without me noticing, Silversnake was born.

Silversnake Michelle queen of milf rock il manifesto queen goddess
Who is Silversnake Michelle?

A desecrating and irreverent rock woman? Yes, of course, that too.

But don't ask me what genre I do, because I snap and on instinct I'll answer loosely with a "Rock!" (also "Milf rock" when I'm in the mood for bullshit).

And it's all much more faceted, less boxed in.

Sometimes I feel Dadaist. In my own way.

Yes, a sort of Lady Dada...

Mind you... I said Dada!

Silversnake Michelle Dancing Blind white lady snake
Why the name "Silversnake Michelle"?

«Every great story seems to begin with a Snake...»

(Nicolas Cage)

After many years, I wanted to give a concrete structure and shape to my musical vision.

To create an artists' community.

To capture those who enjoy art, making them feel part of the creative process and supporters of an artistic project.

Thus was born SNAKE MACHINE.

Silversnake Michelle Guitars Lick Music Taste queen goddess
Silversnake Michelle merchandising chocolate music in food
Silversnake Michelle merchandising chocolate music in food
My word

There is never just one " I " in artistic emotion.

The " WE " is always at the door pressing in.

In performance there is cohesion, matching, tuning or dystonia.

At the end, individualities go back home.

But more conscious, enriched.

They will come back to seek each other and to create. Together, stronger.

Silversnake Michelle. Tales Satgzia
The queendom serpentismo, lady dada

Here are listed the tenets reflecting the nature of Silversnake.

Inspiring the artist.

Or that the artist strives for.

All of this is the foundation of the Snakish Serpentism.

Silversnake Michelle live show Milano spazio lambrate stylist

The music? A healing path.

Musical notes have the secret power to tune in with ourselves.

To make our chords vibrate to the core.

Music takes us where word cannot.

Silversnake Michelle live show Milano spazio lambrate stylist
La Rugiada Nera Michelle Silversnake Books

What are song lyrics if not poems?

I then transposed song lyrics back to my mother tongue.

So poetical compositions were born.

Poetry is an urgent and instinctive form of writing.

Brushstrokes of emotions.

Sudden. Disjointed, messy.

Soaked in disrespectful incoherence.

But above all fleeting.

What better representation of life?

Ecco la sezione dedicata ai media, ovvero photos and video di Silversnake.

Here you can find all official photos and videos of Silversnake Michelle.

Music also "speaks" via images, which fix a given moment in time.

Written memories.

Silversnake Michelle Dancing Blind distopia
Silversnake Michelle Stefano Luna tribute band David Bowie
Silversnake Michelle net, rock woman
Silversnake Michelle Fabrizio Bellafante Black and white gallery

A Snake-Blog where I voice my opinions about the music world, and not only.

Well, what do you think?

Do you agree with me?

silversnake michelle female rock woman Milano
Corriere della Sera Silversnake Michelle artista poliedrica dissacrante irriverente

The archive of all the articles with interviews and reviews, concerning Silversnake Michelle's music and art.

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