The age of the "carelessness exhibitionism"

Silversnake Michelle blowing shadow

An age ruled by inaccuracy, too often confused with lightness.

There is a strong desensitization and a global apathy. Everything's spinning too fast. Increasingly tight deadlines and shorter times force us to run, doing, doing and doing... without sometimes thinking about what we are really doing. And so whatever pops up.
Reinventing and changing your ways at whatever age, is the most beautiful thing. And having the ability and the desire to start from scratch is brave. But it must be done with full knowledge of the facts, not with carelessness and superficiality. More and more people who can’t find their way, just improvise a trade (and to say "improvise" is also wrong, since improvisation is an important subject of theatrical study).

People claiming to be gurus in a specific area, barely knowing the basics about it. Training is getting less and less thorough, because everyone believes they have made it to the top.

However, there is a great deal of carelessness, and the paradox is that this way of doing half baked works is widely accepted by those who receive the service.

The bad thing is the strong uniformity. In every area. A global standardization. All xeroxed. If you make a little difference, you’re pushed aside. You break the pattern. Social massification helps people's control, and mind manipulation.

In fact, minorities always ruled the world, giving the illusion of free will and mass participation.

We are ever more alone and trapped in our shadows, believing we can do and say anything we want. Selfies, photos, social forums. Everybody has the freedom to "express" himself and his thoughts (who cares, by the way?).

A fake freedom. We give excessive importance to “the appearance". Because now it is the appearance that, to the detriment of the substance, rules everything (obsession with physical appearance, that extra wrinkle, the number of followers, statistics about likes, etc).

We are all devoured by the huge vortex of imbecility. Including me, of course.
But now more than ever, I wonder how one can feel fine in this state. If people aren't as saturated as I am, chasing after the “unsociable” social forums.

If all this is really important to feel part of the world, to show that we really exist. And then airing our privacy, shocking us if socials exploit our data.
If it’s really important to use these tools to spread your art, your music. When it gives me the impression that art and music are disfigured and choked.

Some people say no… and they’ll probably get further and further away from this. And they will consciously withdraw from society, which instead will continue to confuse reality with virtuality. They’ll retreat into the depths of their souls, where they’ll find peace, true freedom, and the deepest sense of things, without caring anymore about the Truman Show that is performed on the surface.

Silversnake Michelle drown in the nothingness water