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My silent war... Third act

TALENT SHOWS AND PLASTIC ARTISTS: DREAMS' BUTCHERY AND MUSIC IMPLOSION. Ok, I agree, debates against talent shows got boring, unoriginal and out of date. Everybody knows that these are painstakingly planned TV shows, giving no added value, etc. etc. But then, why do these shows still exist? They give false hopes of becoming artists [...]

Diallele Silversnake Michelle circular reasoning and Penrose


"DIALLELE", is the third single from the album "Her Snakeness". In this song Silversnake Michelle talks about the vicious cycle of an endless life repeating itself. Events recur in an “equally different” way. Silversnake feels out of this world, locked in a "white room" and smashes the mirror where she sees an image [...]

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My very first song: SILVERSNAKE

Alhaji Abubakari Lunna, a great African percussionist playing talking drums, claimed that Western music is perceivable, that is based on sensations and it releases emotions. On the opposite, the "singing drums" create "understandable" music. With these the music already speaks for itself and everyone understands its meaning... lyrics are redundant [...]