Her Snakeness (Testi)

Rainy twilight of winter of endless space
Magnetic glance terrify my mind
And now my way seems síoraí steeplechase
My life inside drops of time
I sing my sorrow remaining motionless
Meanwhile world’s running so illogical
I shake that system and I destroy soul mess
I stumble in dissertation ontological
So in my mind lose Silversnake
The mirror was broken foreverPlaying with my presage
you try to give a sense in senseless diallel
Breaking your hot iron cage
you live with me in the summ-ter season
And I’ll end all my days
in a cold shocking white room
I wonder what was my mistake
I feel lonliness under the stealth of darkness

So in my mind lose fire Silversnake
The mirror was broken forever
So in my mind reborn Silversnake
what is true when something will die

Demons in my mind (I fall into the void)
Demons in my lies (what I’m telling to myself?)
Demons in my mind (I desire Death tonight)
Demons in my lies (I fear of dark tonight)
I wanna live to tell
your story is burning in the hell
I wanna live to tell
to show you passion’s smell

Singing my life on my stage
I’ll never see sense in senseless diallel
Fucking my golden rage
I die alone in the summ-ter season
And I’ll end all my days
in a cold shocking white room
I wonder what was my mistake
I feel fear of eternal darkness

This time I surrender,
I never found the Black Star.
I never be a gambler,
risk to be happy is so farI can’t remember
who I was before I die.
I’m a loser pretender,
cause I’ve told so many liesI just wanted to paint the air
I wanna to paint the hush,
but I can not find bright streets.
I’m not so young
and now I rush
and silence raped me

This is my last song
I say goodbye
to you and to me.
I move away, anyway
from here .
I crush the air

I follow over again
The wrong way,
I’ll never see the reign
of dark side of moon,
but only a dead end,
so my dreams blown to smithereens

so the black and white
have create silver light
I feel like frightened child.
Mom hold me tight
and wake me with light
from this nightmare-life

Your love drips on my face,
but I’m too angry to wait for your light
My misery deface you,
I’m the bitch-bride of your Night

My soul is choked by rules
she scratches the ground with her tears
take me away black star,
my angel is far from you

Backwards  (Silversnake, answer this…)
A dewy night of wintry summer
I feel music running backwards
I am stuck and confused first of all
I am surrounded by hundreds of mirrors…
There’re my images, guffaw
looking at me
Bloody night! Fucking tears!
Why my thousand loves are not worth one?
Analyze it stupid mind!So in my mind I try answer this
-grasp it
-but how do I grab the abstract ideas?

Mass and light wrangle
and the Universe expands to infinity…
back in time, back in space, backwards;
it expands contracting.

So the big bang is swallowed
by the ass of Uroboros
Blurred images and the light
strain slowly, backwards tonight

why can’t I write a happy song?
why the angels mingle with the demons?

ekansrevliS… Answer this… Backwards sdrawkcaB

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