Her Snakeness (Testi)

Foundations Of Soul


Mother I have to say
Hey Mother, I need to pray
Live through love and love through life
don’t blow my dreams away
Mother my mind belongs… to Me
Mother your smile is wrong
You’ve killed and buried emotions strong
I’m whimsical lifelong

Why don’t you understand my life?
Why am I killed by you?
why your words are sharp like a knife?
And your crampled face is so blue?
Why must I am religious?
Why do you believe in God?
Why you drown inside your life?
Why can’t I take this wife?

Mother your hands are clean…
hey… Mother your silence screams
I’ve got white hairs and we’re getting old
Now make your fate you’ve foretold

Mother I feel afraid
Mother I won’t change my image
Inside of you there is white wall
Let live your colorful scrawl

Mother I tried to try
Mother I need to fly
Don’t be afraid, my wings are strong
Mother, I’ll never let me cry


Do you remember, Dad?
When I was a kid, you played with me
But your way to love is ironclad
Your feelings are not easy to see

Do you remember, Dad? (mother)
When I was 15, you scolded me (mother)
Cause I was dancing instead
of studying maths and physcs

Do you remember Dad?
I’ve right to say what I think ‘out fear
You taught me violence, cause your slaps
Why do you talk to me so blear?

Do you remember, Dad?
Why can’t stop mom sea-roving way?
When she hurts you, never say
But you plunge in comic magazine


And now I understand that
It was my choices and was not your faults
I broke that stone, my life goes on
I can relish my adult salt

And now I understand that
I’m able to live alone
My love for all of you is high,
But I’m gonna sit on my throne.

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