DROPS OF TIME: Entrapped in the unreality of time

Silversnake Michelle Drops Of Time Intrappolati nell’irrealtà del tempo

A lyrics stating the strong feeling of relentlessness of the passing. A sensation of anxiety and restlessness surrounds me and I feel what is the great lie of life: we think we exist but we're just an image’s projection, of an incredibly distant light.
Life is so fast that I can't realize I exist and everything around me loses meaning. The thoughts of people living with false hopes seem absurd to me. People clinging as much as possible to things, because they want to avoid the pain related to the sense of their lives.

But I felt unreal ever since I was a little girl, enough to ask my mom, "Are we real?"

We are beings never living the present but only the past and the future, so we are beings narrated by time.

Time... a non-existent concept that we invented, having us under its thumb, having us captive.

We are “fake dust in drops of time.”

Silversnake Michelle Drops of Time winner akademia music awards
Drops of Time sails onto the senses like a gentle shower, accelerates to storm intensity, then slows to shelter the ear in its placid eye for a time before finally letting loose the full fury of a tempest.

In the July 2015 voting at the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, Silversnake Michelle's new single "DROPS OF TIME" won as “Best Song” in the Rock/Electronica category. A wonderful achievement that paves the way to an important promotional campaign in the USA and all over the world, besides the great pleasure for Michelle and all the musicians working with her.