The birth of the universe according to Silversnake Michelle

Silversnake Michelle DNA Redshift and Tired Light Cosmology Formula

DNA (Denial Normal Abduction), the new single, tells about the birth of the Universe.

The Universe comes to life. I like to imagine that life of celestial bodies is animated, and that both matter and atoms feel emotions and sensations similar to ours.

Atoms get bored, stars play somersaults on the Milky Way, and the Big Bang "pukes passions".

Even the physics formulas in the song are animated, becoming life. (The space riding the speed and giving rise to the movement of time… or the astronomical theories of Redshift and Tired Light, arguing with each other.)

At the same time there is the life on our planet.
There is a perfect analogy between what happens on Earth and what happens in the Universe (the birth of a child coincides with the birth of a new planet; the war is a collision between asteroids, and so on).

All this is ruled by a "perfectly imperfect" entity: “Snakeness”, a sort of Mother Nature of space, who enjoys playing with the Universe and the Time, and who has the great power of Creation.

There is a strong sexual undertone throughout the song. Sex is present in every moment, in every action and in every movement of the Universe. It is the representation of life itself and the natural pleasure of Creative Power (the Big Bang is an immense cosmic childbirth/orgasm...) and “Snakeness” is its embodiment.
The song ends with a dodecaphonic series (both original and inverse). This seemingly chaotic music is actually governed by very strict and exact rules: just like the ostensible Chaos of the Universe.

The subject matter of time is taken up again.
The life of the celestial bodies, so expanded with respect to our being, flows in a twinkling of an eye and in the end… TIME IS A LIE… Once again time turns out to be a big fake.
Everything ends before it even starts.
The Universe is plunged into the Absolute Nothing and we go back to being an unreal projection of an eternal illusion.