The turning point

Silversnake Michelle Horus Eye

We've said it all the way.
We yelled against talent shows spoiling the music, against musicians lending themselves for the money, for being judges at these shows and against the "artists" whoring out and renouncing themselves in order to achieve fame.
Now we need to find solutions. We need propositions… and no more whining and complaining.
First and foremost, we musicians need to change the approach to our profession.
Yeah… For those who don't know, it's a real job that requires a lot of effort.
It takes preparation, rehearsal, studying. And it's all about passion.

This work must be rewarded. You can't pay a musician 50 Euros for an evening show. Guys, it's pathetic. And those who accept these fares are mostly pathetic because "it’s just an hobby!”. You wreck this market!
If you're doing this as a hobby, then play in your garage. But if you really want to perform, then really act like a musician. No one’s a hobby doctor.
Then adequate space should be given to original and unpublished music. Emerging artists have a hard time being considered. Big radio networks should create airplays giving them more space. These media have the great power to broadcast beauty and novelties.
Top charts songs would still have its room. It would only be an added value.
There is a musical underworld yet to be discovered.
Same goes for the music venues. You can't let tribute bands play just because they crowd your club. "How many fans do you bring?" But who? Me? I'm there to play music, not to do public relations! Let me tell ya, when you hire a waiter for your club's special night, do you ask him how many people he brings?! So where's the love of music?
Artists and Musicians… let's stand for our work’s value and, above all, let's really believe that!
It's a UNIQUE and IRREPLACEABLE performance. The motto "Ars gratia Artis" is fine, but Artists and Musician need to feed like others (even though it sounds weird, right?).

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