March 12, 2018

Golden ratio frequency - 432 Hz

Silversnake Michelle looking Universe 432 herz

Golden ratio.

« The sound, by its very nature, has the property of resonating with surrounding bodies. When the emitted vibration is in resonance with the receiving one’s vibration, then Harmony is generated. »

My third published work, the EP "BURIES THE SECRET OF... ", was recorded with an A tuning at 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz.

This tuning is much more natural and based on the Schumann resonance (8 Hz, the natural "beat" of our planet), that is the resonant frequency of the Earth's magnetic field. So, without getting into too many technicalities, we can sum up that:

“The resonance frequency of the planet Earth and that of the human brain in a relaxed state (Alpha waves) are 8 Hz waves. Tuning at 440 Hz means that the multiple is not 8 but 8.25, and therefore the waves (or vibrations) that are generated are not in harmony with the planet.”

This frequency was in use since the ancient Egyptians, only that it was modified and brought to 440 Hz around the 1930s in Nazi Germany. The 440 Hz frequency brings body and mind into a state of tension, leaving them more manipulable. It also stirs aggression, rebellion, violence and, by creating a disharmony in the conscience, exalts a negative emotionality. When you start using the 432 Hz frequency you have much more trouble singing than the standard 440 Hz frequency. You feel it almost dissonant and it sounds to you "out of tune".

For my part I also include "esoteric" reasons: number 8 has a strong meaning.

Upside-down it represents Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. So the infinite, the perfection and God.

I firmly believe that there is something magic, divine and healing in music. A vibration that re-establishing us with the Whole, with the Universe and makes us feeling part of it. I'm not going to list all the benefits and potentialities of the 8 Hz resonance frequency (on the web there are very useful articles and detailed research about it), but I just wonder:

If all the music on the planet went back to a golden ratio frequency, could the world be more cosy and harmonic?


I merely invite you to think about this.

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