What if the alter ego takes over?

Silversnake Michelle and alter ego Pirandello double being black blonde

Well… yes, sometimes in the building of my mind Silversnake Michelle takes over Micaela and I struggle. She becomes an intrusive, bulky presence.

I loathed her, I tried to kill her, but nothing... immortal like a shadow...

I have already told a thousand times about the making of Silversnake, but perhaps day by day I even more understand its deeper meaning (beyond the artistic character).

At first I thought it was just a way to survive and not let Micaela die, but it's not really like that.

It’s much more than that. She allowed me to express myself, which I couldn’t do on my own, or maybe I was afraid of. I had to create a “myself” arrogant, rebellious and bully, who was allowed to do several things without always justifying my actions to the world.

But she's strong and I'm not. She wants and she takes, but I'm just a little bit like Miss "wish-l-could-but-can't".

Silversnake, however, taught me to say NO, to trust my perceptions and not just people’s words, to boost me to my truth. And I finally started to really feel, with my heart, having gut feelings. To transcend my old reality and no longer care about the approval of others, which used to badly affect me (“Let us not speak of them, but look, and pass.” As Dante says in Divine Comedy’s Inferno… and I say, "but without looking it’s even better!").

Silversnake destroyed everything at the speed of light, and I’m still elaborating on her actions.

She's beyond that. I'm still here. I feel she's eagerly waiting for me. But she is pure thought, she is light, so she travels at a significant speed; instead I am mass and my speed takes time. Time to observe, time to taste myself, to rebuild my emotions, my life. She’s a nuclear warfare and I am “The Day After”.

"Dear Silversnake, we are still far away each other, but I am gaining to know and love you."

“My dear Micaela, take all of your time for your construction. There’ll come a day when you look into the mirror and no longer see a broken image of yourself, but you will see a cohesive one, that holds us both.”

Silversnake-Michelle Mirror alice attraverso lo specchio