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How many of you have heard: "Aaah, the young people of today!!"
But have you ever wondered who the young people of today really are?
“This generation of stragglers, without values, unable to wait, the boys of "everything at once" who don’t want to make sacrifices and don’t want to commit.”
First of all, you can't generalize. Not everyone is like that...
Besides, who exactly is responsible for all this?
It is the society. And who is the society made up of? …by US.
People aren't born like that, they become like that... depending on how they've grown up... kids are like that because they're nothing but our reflection... the reflection of what we've given them.
Let us not blame them for those responsibilities that are actually ours, by telling us the tale that society is to blame.
It's us... "the kids" of 40-50 years old who may be a generation adrift, that hasn't been able to give any references. It's us who, in the name of freedom, have not been able to really direct.

Do you think you are not to blame for having come to this?
"What could I do?" "That’s how the world goes round."
Well, with these expressions (making me very mad, because we have so much time to stand still once dead ... ) we also become accountable for the things not done. Allowing something to happen by remaining passive, however, entails a choice.
Non vi piace vero? Eppure è così...
What can this society tell us that's really different? What substance can art have if we continue to destroy dreams?
We whine about trash songs with violent content? Maybe they just want to shout that they exist, creating a break-up message to look for other ways.

No, I'm not a goody two-shoes... those "songs", I mean the "new music", they suck for me and for you, but they also make me reflect.
What do we want? Young people writing rock songs? Come on... what do we do? The nostalgic? Why the hell don't you open your eyes? Rock’n’roll has blown up with completely different social conditions. That Rock can never be recreated... ever again. (and by the way trash music has always been there…)
They are just unwitting pawns in the hands of record producers, figuring out how to make easy bucks with the new music distribution system. Once gone out of fashion, these dummies will be thrown away and forgotten, and their dreams shattered. Do we really want to believe that singers like Young Signorino, or others, will become part of music history? They simply exploit this time of decadence.
And I don't think they like not having strong, consistent models.
Nowadays communication between generations is more lacking than ever.
But I think we first need to rebuild ourselves to give them a direction. And they… they can teach us a lot of things.
You guys can really make it to change the world.
If you really want to be an artist, however, you have to know the rules in order to avoid them, subvert them and create new ones. And then, yes, the Wonder is born.
Non potete limitarvi a ruggire... dovete sbranare!

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