My silent war continues…

Silversnake Michelle Teatro



This way of presenting celebrities and not, lending themselves to this real fiction, makes it clear the lack of ideas and content useful to really invent something new.

A sort of writer's block. But when an artist has no inspiration, he should stop. Stop writing for a while and get some life experience to find new awesomeness and shake things up.

No, it's not. Can't you invent anymore? Well then I sensationalize people's experiences. I get into their lives and I play on their emotions and those of the beholder. And I bring to the audience a canned show keeping them glued to their screens. Yes, because when your life is dull and empty, you take morbidly shelter in private lives of others.

Actors, entertainers, showgirls and artistically shady characters, agree to play this game. And not only do they do it for money, of course. Fame appeals everyone and, let's face it, boredom leads all lives, even reality shows. Moreover, it's like watching a very long soap opera that wipes out, waters down and numbs the brain. Just like "Truman Show". Life revolves around a fake. That's crazy! Yes, because people following reality shows assume that everything is true and feel emotionally very close to this or that character.

But the weirdest thing is this Pirandello's game where the players eventually fall as prisoners of their own character, starting not to play their part anymore, but to really live it. That's why they squawk to the world that they're "real."

A full demonstration of the strength of the Stanislavsky method.