The immortality of Art

Silversnake Michelle Tongue

When does Art become immortal?
When is it beautiful? And how would you define the Beauty? I would personally say that it is something attractive, giving me pleasure, standing out from the rest, something fearless.
But not always immortal art, it is also aesthetically beautiful. Let's take, for instance, Cindy Sherman's works. Some people would be shocked and wouldn't call them beautiful. So what makes them beautiful? Their frankness, their uniqueness.

Something is precious when it is unique, sincere and rare. If it is standardized it loses its meaning.
If Salvador Dalì had mass-produced his paintings, those priceless artworks would be worth nothing today. Giorgio De Chirico mass-produced one of his paintings. Artists are often in dire straits and sometimes they have to compromise to get some bucks to live on. De Chirico did it on the sly from his wife, who could not conceive such a thing because she had understood that by doing so, he would sell himself out. And that goes for music too.

Music had a strong value when there were no playback media. In Mozart's time, you could only listen to music live. And each performance was unique, and offered always different emotions. The music had relevance, because its ephemeral and “non-physical” nature was acknowledged. Music was not for everyone, either for cultural reasons or because not everyone could afford a seat in theatres. Spreading and conforming music also means to lower its level, thus making it accessible and comprehensible even to the laymen.
And when it becomes standardized, for it to have an economic return, it must aim on large volumes.

But the first one failing to understand this, are Artists themselves, who wonder:
"Why is Lady Gaga overpaid?" - Because his performance is unique and irreplaceable.
"Why a musician is much less paid?" - Because his performance is replaceable.
There's a big leap between a musician and an artist.

Dear Artist, if you really want to value your works, if you want to have a good reputation and you want your Art to become immortal... don't “put out” to everyone!
Well, that's kind of the point.
You need to be seductive, not a whore.

Silversnake Michelle Statua