Online shows? The music during Coronavirus

Silversnake Michelle Singing RAL8022

Personally I never liked them. Missing the contact , the vibration…. the carnality of the music.
It's being misused during these days. People talking to a camera, alone in the room with their guitar and a microphone... But who cares? It saddens me.
In such a situation, I find it even unnatural.

People are trying to get their lives back. I’m feeling out of the crowd. They want to be popular. I aim to immortality. The first one just fulfills the Ego, the second one teaches and guides. The hunger for appearance has not yet evolved.

I just don't get it. I'm sad and angry. I have to live with myself, which is kind of hard. I'm writing a lot. Tales, dreams, opinions and songs that maybe I’ll never publish, because they are part of such an intimate and snug moment.
But I have time to get to know myself, listening to myself to newly listen to my music in intimacy, as if it were a prayer and see how it is evolving.

Yes... the prayer (said by an atheist like me...). It has great power. Never mind religion. You can also pray to Mother Earth. But it is something visceral, emotions are unleashed and feelings of thankfulness are activated, releasing hormones into the organism, which strengthen the immune system. The magnificence of this act was once acknowledged. God and the Universe hasn't changed. We have.
We are wimps and weakened by our welfare.

Music should accompany prayer, but it’s not like that anymore... for now. Even music gives off powerful vibrations when it’s heart made.
For my part, the craving of seeing each other online or laughing and joking is zero. I know life must go on, but this should be done in other ways; what saddens me is to see people regretting a "normality" that was no longer normal... and they don't realize it.

So I'll go back to singing if and when it can be really performed live. Then there will be something to celebrate. Yes, then the music will have its intensity and appreciation. It will be a real thanksgiving.
Perhaps it can no longer be done? Well, whatever. I will strengthen the memory of past shows, jealously guarding it in my innermost casket.

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