My silent war... Third act

Silversnake Michelle Plastic


Ok, I agree, debates against talent shows got boring, unoriginal and out of date. Everybody knows that these are painstakingly planned TV shows, giving no added value, etc. etc.
But then, why do these shows still exist?
They give false hopes of becoming artists, to young and older singers. But not all singers are artists.

You're just lambs to the slaughter, feeding this ravenous audience in the name of ratings. Once the show is over, you'll be in the scrap heap. None of you ever bite and left a mark. And the judges themselves have lost cred.
Guys, it takes a lot of guts being yourself.

So many talented voices, but it's not what makes a singer an artist.
Of course vocal technique is useful, as long as it's harnessed to the service of emotions, otherwise you'll just be boring virtuosos, but certainly not artists.
Art is simply black or white, it doesn't deal with compromises. Art is sincere... talent shows are not.
You are not Art. And you are not your music either, because you have your music built by others just for some market needs.
If even once you agree to change yourself in order to achieve success, then you will have lost yourself and your way.
You are only apathetic plastic singers.
Judges pretend to be excited by a perfect high-pitched. Uhm... and in so doing the audience is raised to this beautiful aseptic voices with no feeling. Education in "not listening". Audience is manipulated by markets will, giving them the delusion of choice, making them believe that they have played a role.
So... double fucking joke, both for contestants and audience, nice move!

Do you know that breaking voice, torn because it's feeling anger, pain, joy? Do you know the voice of (to name but a few) John Lennon, Lou Reed and Dolores O'Riordan? And you? Got anything to say? Apart from infusing dullness and apathy.... and what else?

I'm not even fucking pissed off anymore, just tired and frustrated. So... why do they still exist?
Because the main question aren't talent shows themselves, but everything revolving around them. Lounged record producers waiting to bankroll the brand new talent crowned, but then, the following year, take away his sceptre... and so on. They don't give a damn about focusing in a proper selection. About finding out who has really something to say and to express in a truly different and unique way. They don't give a shit about giving the Music its dignity.

And so the Music weeps and regrets itself. And people who still has eyes to see and heart to feel, suffer and are outraged at seeing that the world of music is now defaced and murdered by music industry itself.
Social medias, talent and reality shows are all part of a very well established system filling our lives with "The Nothing" and destroying Fantastica's reign.
Kudos to all of us!

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