Music : Life’s code (The Mother Code)

Silversnake Michelle So In My Mind Water snake the first album
Silversnake Michelle Her Snakeness red snakes italian beauty

Music is the beat being with us since birth. Is the frequency within us. Mother Earth gave us this code to express ourselves, to let our emotions flow. Where words don't reach, it is a sound, or a color, that arrives. Which then are the same thing. Music is a brushstroke of emotion in the air. If you focus, you'll taste it with all your senses as well as with your spirit.

So in my mind… Blue Album. A color that leads to introspection and for one's own truth seek. Immersion.

Her Snakeness… Red Album. Reopening wounds of buried events. Anger. Passion. Rebellion.

Buries the secret of… Black Album. Entering the deepest depths of you. You don't deny mistakes or reality, but you learn to hug the pain, making it more bearable.

The Mother Code… Grey Album. Meditation and sadness. But also awakening. Beginning of a new perception of life. Passage. Stone color. Approach to the materic and primordial nature of life’s meaning.

Silversnake Michelle Buries The Secret Of... chartres cathedral
Silversnake Michelle The Mother Code album rock music snake goddess