Writing and Poetry

Silversnake Michelle Escher Poesia

I was cleaning out closets the other day. And what do I find? Writings from my childhood and youth. Poems and short stories written between 1988 and 1992...
What a self-reading effect!
This is one of my poems. ...I must say, nothing has changed... I was sad and angry by then!
Here's a little foretaste.

(by Silversnake Michelle)

I hate Time
It deface faces
It tires minds
It steals memories
I hate Time
It rinses words
It dries dreams
It destroys the Present
I hate Time
la sua derisione
Its fierce lies
I hate Time
Its immortality making me mortal
Its cold and relentless flowing
Its perfection
I hate Time and its utter silence
But only He knows that is not mute.