May 5, 2022


Silversnake Michelle Irreversible And Massive Necrosis
Irreversible and massive necrosis.

The massive and irreversible necrosis of brains: a clear metaphor of the actual days, in which technology is abused and makes us slaves to it.

It's a song that represents a dystopian fiction story.

An extremely warm, slow and boring summer day. A day like many others.

Life goes by.

Suddenly a strange wind begins to blow.

The sky darkens and the air becomes cold.

An extremely unpleasant smell spreads through the air.

The sky is invaded by huge metallic insects.

Shapes and reality are distorted and Space and Time merge as in Escher's illustrations.

Insects dominate the Earth through the control of minds, necrotizing and making brains atrophic and useless.

The world is filled with garbage to make life unhospitable.

The sun is stolen by aliens.

The desertification of the soul is completed.

The weakest are defeated, some die, others are obedient slaves; the stalwarts have to run away and hide, but they are isolated from each other so that they cannot join forces to rebel.

Silversnake rebels but she lives hidden in a hovel, alone and without resources.

The song ends with a feeling of restless loneliness.

Not a happy ending certainly, but an open one.

Silversnake has intentionally not given the key to be able to defeat this invasion.

Aliens that control and divide us. But who really are the aliens, if not ourselves after the loss of meaning and our values.

She wants to leave a point of reflection.

Through a metaphorical vision of what is really happening.

"They crush the pressure

Irreversible and massive necrosis of brains

Picture of Escher

Where space is inside the time



with flesher

universe loses control of the chain of pain

They prance on the grime

Irreversible and massive necrosis of brains"

Torna in alto