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«Ogni grande storia sembra iniziare con un serpente.» (Nicolas Cage)

Silversnake è il nome che ho scelto per il mio alter ego, artisticamente significa non legarsi troppo ad uno stile, ma lasciare fluire la metamorfosi.


Silversnake Michelle's life is a testament to her diverse talents and relentless pursuit of creative expression across acting, law, and music.


"Your film THE EMPTY FULLNESS has become a Official Selection our competition. How was the film inspired?"

The empty fullness. This is the title of the music short film created by Silversnake Michelle...

Micaela Battista, alias SILVERSNAKE MICHELLE, was born in Turin in 1975...

“Through creating this music and video, I found a cure and a reminder of where I've been so I can walk to my future. “

A personal story based on feelings translated into images, some of them quite rough...

Silversnake Michelle Drops of Time winner akademia music awards
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