Silversnake Michelle Gatta Ci Covid

Vaccini Aggiornati??!! GATTA CI COVID!

LA NUOVA OVER “DOSE” DI ANORMALITA' In autunno ci saranno i nuovi vaccini “aggiornati”. Ma che vuol dire aggiornati? Che coprirebbero le nuove varianti…ma di sto passo ogni 4-5 mesi ce ne sarà uno nuovo. Lo sanno anche i neonati che i coronavirus sono virus mutevoli. Infatti ogni anno il vaccino anti-influenzale è differente. E […]

Silversnake Michelle Infected Selection Song


I conceived this song in March 2020, in not too suspicious times. I immediately began to ask myself questions about what was happening. Maybe too much. (At birth, I was given a brain and I keep it working.) It' s the first time I write a song about what happens outside [...]

Silversnake Michelle Coronavirus


In this surreal historic moment and in the confusion of information, often conflicting, about this new form of coronavirus, many ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensations and images have crossed my mind. A feeling of fear, but not the fear of death, something more global and deep. A fear "of kind", "of human race" [...]