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The celebration of women without interference or feminist influences. The celebration of the pleasure that makes life flow. I would like to go back to feminine’s concept perceived in ancient times . Absolute and generative power; in fact, divinities were represented in the female form. Over the centuries this matriarchal concept was revised. I am not claiming the Woman’s superiority [...]

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Music : Life’s code (The Mother Code)

Music is the beat being with us since birth. Is the frequency within us. Mother Earth gave us this code to express ourselves, to let our emotions flow. Where words don't reach, it is a sound, or a color, that arrives. Which then are the same thing. Music is a brushstroke of emotion [...]

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That damned need for…

Evil I’ve often encountered in life; it was the strangled rivulet gurgling, it was the shriveling of parched leaves, it was the horse falling heavily. Good I have not known; except the wonder that reveals divine Indifference; it was the statue in the somnolence of noon, and the cloud, and the hawk flying high. Eugenio Montale (Italian poet). Yes, the evil of living, [...]