Silversnake Michelle my message

Silversnake Michelle's message

I decided to get to really know myself, and to reveal my soul... to myself above all. To do so, I needed a means, a shape. I don't know exactly how I am and who I am, maybe I'm nothing without a shape and I just wanted my emotions to take one. Sometimes I paint and, even more easily, I write [...]

Silversnake Michelle the name of my character

Silversnake Michelle: the name

I mean, that strong but repressed instinct came out of me because of my new motherhood. This condition has cornered me. And then I couldn't help but explode and pull myself out of that shell where I had allowed the others to lock me captive (even if only for good). [...]

Silversnake Michelle the birth of my character

How Silversnake Michelle was born

Hi, everybody. Let me introduce myself. I'm Micaela, aka Silversnake Michelle. I'm 39 years old. Until 2007 my life was a very ordinary life, I graduated in law and I became a lawyer. I got married and worked in law firms. As a hobby I acted at theatre and, on the side, I was a model and hostess at trade exhibitions [...]