Silversnake Michelle Politically Correct

Politically correct and the system's puppets

A thorny and useless topic: the real weapon of mass distraction. While there are people starving or in war, we are here debating this crap. We need a real respect and not this pantomime that slaps and chokes freedom. A new hypocrisy hiding an invisible dictatorship. Blocking freedom of expression. Killing every art form [...]

Silversnake Michelle Bulimia

BULIMIA: A taboo in the empty play-hysterical world

Today talking about pain, suffering, depression is taboo. In 2021 you almost have to be ashamed of it, talking about this softly, because we all have to be smiley and joyful. We've evolved into this unbridled wellness, so… no reason to be unhappy… As if being bulimic was a star’s whim. "Yes honey! You love to eat, you are pretty glutton…..."[...]

Silversnake Michelle Escher Poesia

Writing and Poetry

I was cleaning out closets the other day. And what do I find? Writings from my childhood and youth. Poems and short stories written between 1988 and 1992... What a self-reading effect! This is one of my poems. ...I must say, nothing has changed... I was sad and angry by then! Here's a little foretaste [...]

Silversnake Michelle The Mother Code album rock music snake goddess

Music : Life’s code (The Mother Code)

Music is the beat being with us since birth. Is the frequency within us. Mother Earth gave us this code to express ourselves, to let our emotions flow. Where words don't reach, it is a sound, or a color, that arrives. Which then are the same thing. Music is a brushstroke of emotion [...]

Silversnake Michelle Cage

The freedom’s cage

It is our responsibility, if we are slaves! ACT ONE: Soul’s slavery If we don't set our soul free, we can't alter a system. "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings." (W. Shakespeare – Julius Caesar) Ever since I was a little girl, I've been watching and listening... very much. Let's just say that, being unsociable [...]

Silversnake Michelle Plastic

My silent war... Third act

TALENT SHOWS AND PLASTIC ARTISTS: DREAMS' BUTCHERY AND MUSIC IMPLOSION. Ok, I agree, debates against talent shows got boring, unoriginal and out of date. Everybody knows that these are painstakingly planned TV shows, giving no added value, etc. etc. But then, why do these shows still exist? They give false hopes of becoming artists [...]

Silversnake Michelle Singing RAL8022

Online shows? The music during Coronavirus

Personally I never liked them. Missing the contact , the vibration…. the carnality of the music. It's being misused during these days. People talking to a camera, alone in the room with their guitar and a microphone... But who cares? It saddens me. In such a situation, I find it even unnatural [...]

Silversnake Michelle write in sand

Nature destroys to recreate

An organism on the edge of life. He suddenly managed to change our lives. It destroyed a saturated system, a world based on veneers that was sluggishly regressing. Perhaps it gave us a chance to quiet, for a pause. But he doesn't know that, he just follows Nature’s matters. Nature simply flows. So do we, even [...]

Silversnake Michelle Pain-Ted

Hymne for this moment

This is the time to rediscover the self, the real value of some words, of a kiss, of a hug. If beauty lies in rareness, this is the right time to appreciate it. To get that veneer of appearance off. That boundless Ego, masking so fragile beings. That having to please at any cost. That emotional "satisfaction" [...]