Silversnake Michelle Teatro

My silent war continues…

SECOND ACT REALITY SHOWS: FALSE REALITIES (OR TRUE FALSEHOODS) OF THE OTHERS. This way of presenting celebrities and not, lending themselves to this real fiction, makes it clear the lack of ideas and content useful to really invent something new. A sort of writer's block. But when an artist has no inspiration, he should [...]

Silversnake Michelle against the machine of social media

My silent war has begun

The elimination of everything defacing relationships, love and art FIRST ACT: SOCIAL MEDIA Things happen for a precise reason. Yes, it is. I had been brewing for some time to give up with Facebook and Instagram, the hottest trending social media at the time. But I was still a long way from making my final decision. Maybe for fear of […]

Silversnake Michelle Rock and fuck the system

Boredom generation: Era of Fog

Art is unique but blows up in many different styles, telling in dreams the human reality. It always contains a message, a meaning… It must not be understandable but perceivable… that’s the good thing. And today? The only artists scratching and shouting themselves are in the shade. Into the fog of “Nothing” that nearly engulfs and crumbles “the land of Fantastica”. [...]