Silversnake Michelle Coronavirus

In this surreal historic moment and in the confusion of information, often conflicting, about this new form of coronavirus, many ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensations and images have crossed my mind.

A feeling of fear, but not the fear of death, something more global and deep. A fear "of kind", "of human race". The fear affecting us all. Almost as if there was a danger of extinction. I know it's probably over the top, but what can I tell you? Now more than ever, I felt an instinctive self-preservation of mankind. I really felt like I’m part of the Nature.

I also imagined a situation where a mankind’s minority decides to wipe out everyone else, creating a virus that kills the remaining majority. Yes I know it's not pretty original, they've already written and made several movies about it.

I also thought this virus didn't exist. When you don’t like reality, your mind denies it telling yourself lies. Yes. I even thought it was a "sociological experiment". To instill the fear in our minds just to isolate us even more. To drive us apart. The last coup de grâce after the mass individualism brought by mobile phones and social forums. Now even socializing, at workplace or in leisure time, has been killed. Everything is by remote. Even the way to greet has changed. The turning point of an era.

It also came to me, that the coronavirus (and all viruses in general) are nothing more than the Earth's immune system being activated to destroy us. This maybe because WE are the real virus.

Well, in these desperately and boringly identical days, always stuck at home in quarantine, me too I've been shooting bullshits too, but only on a fantastic and surreal level (the ones I prefer). And that is, without too many pontifications, neither scientific (I'm not a doctor and I don't have a clue so I'll shut up... unlike other sciacquette “opinioniste” without glory), nor on the various government measures. That as incongruous and inconsistent as we may find them, try to imagine first what you would have done if you humbly had put yourself in their shoes. Too easy to be a queer with other’s ass.

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