The artist is trying to appease her internal conflict between her white part and her black part, through the metaphors, the symbolism and the images. The two parts get married to seal a strong bond. Their fusion gives the completeness of the self-awareness. The good and the evil, the ugliness and the beauty, the black and the white don't exist. The presence of both with all their shades, constitute Perfection and the sense of the life. The artist want to overcome the obsession of 'The Duality' and give new perspectives about good and evil An unusual wedding ceremony in which an ancestral atmosphere blends with the biting rhythm of Silversnake Michelle's rock. But in the end, nothing is real. Just imagination of Michelle. Black become white and vice versa. Good and evil are both inside the same being. Men and women without a face, without identity, wearing the mask of themselves.

Silversnake Michelle videoclip I marry my pain

Subject: Silversnake Michelle and Original Eye

Acted by : Silversnake Michelle

Directed and realized by Michele Gallo for Original Eye

Produced by Daniele Marchetti

Silversnake Michelle

Best Music Video winner at Switzerland International Film Festival in Lausanne (CH)


Time runs fast, too fast…. this is not life. Everything is trapped in a spin cycle turning faster and faster. The body crumbles and the world it’s melting. While I’m looking for the invisible inside myself, the world doesn’t seem to care about me and my being. Even the world doesn’t seem to care of itself. No one listen to what happens into others, no one listen to himself. Time passes and I can not find my way and I feel my dreams are shattered, and I remain trapped in a dead end, so anxiety vortex and lies suffocate me. And I run after the life that does not stop to wait for me. I was staring at the spin cycle of my washing machine and I perceived this crazy sensation of life in a vortex. So I told myself… There’s whole human beings in there, unknowingly living their lives dragged by an uncontrolled motion. A life leading anywhere. So I wrote DEAD END and for this song I create a whirling arrangement.

Silversnake Michelle videoclip Dead End

Subject: Silversnake Michelle and Original Eye

Acted by : Silversnake Michelle Fabrizio Bellafante, Daniele Marchetti

Directed and realized by Original Eye

Produced by Giuseppe Bariona and Daniele Marchetti


The video teaser promoting the release of the second album "Her Snakeness".

Silversnake Michelle Her Snakeness red snakes italian beauty

Subject: Silversnake Michelle

Directed and realized by Silversnake Michelle and Daniele Marchetti

Audio: Marcello De Toffoli

A special thank to Giuseppe Bariona and Valentino Vitali