Silversnake Michelle Pain-Ted

Hymne for this moment

This is the time to rediscover the self, the real value of some words, of a kiss, of a hug. If beauty lies in rareness, this is the right time to appreciate it. To get that veneer of appearance off. That boundless Ego, masking so fragile beings. That having to please at any cost. That emotional "satisfaction" [...]

Silversnake Michelle Coronavirus


In this surreal historic moment and in the confusion of information, often conflicting, about this new form of coronavirus, many ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensations and images have crossed my mind. A feeling of fear, but not the fear of death, something more global and deep. A fear "of kind", "of human race" [...]

Silversnake Michelle Tongue

The immortality of Art

When does Art become immortal? When is it beautiful? And how would you define the Beauty? I would personally say that it is something attractive, giving me pleasure, standing out from the rest, something fearless. But not always immortal art, it is also aesthetically beautiful. Let's take, for instance, Cindy Sherman's works. Some people would be shocked and wouldn't [...]

Silversnake Michelle Teatro

My silent war continues…

SECOND ACT REALITY SHOWS: FALSE REALITIES (OR TRUE FALSEHOODS) OF THE OTHERS. This way of presenting celebrities and not, lending themselves to this real fiction, makes it clear the lack of ideas and content useful to really invent something new. A sort of writer's block. But when an artist has no inspiration, he should [...]

Statua Babs Lecoq

The devastation of marvel and the spread of trash

Let me tell you a little story. An artist friend of mine (paintress and sculptress) Babs Lecoq, posted on Facebook and Instagram the photo of a woman’s statue, that you see below. Is it vulgar? Does this upset you? Well? In this other photo here is the answer from the social forums... it speaks for itself... I'd like to find out who reported this photo and what his mental problems are [...]

Silversnake Michelle Smoking cannabis


How many of you have heard: "Aaah, the young people of today!!" But have you ever wondered who the young people of today really are? “This generation of stragglers, without values, unable to wait, the boys of "everything at once" who don’t want to make sacrifices and don’t want to commit.” First of all, you can't generalize. Not everyone is like that... Besides, who exactly is responsible [...]

Silversnake Michelle against the machine of social media

My silent war has begun

The elimination of everything defacing relationships, love and art FIRST ACT: SOCIAL MEDIA Things happen for a precise reason. Yes, it is. I had been brewing for some time to give up with Facebook and Instagram, the hottest trending social media at the time. But I was still a long way from making my final decision. Maybe for fear of […]

Silversnake Michelle blowing shadow

The age of the "carelessness exhibitionism"

An age ruled by inaccuracy, too often confused with lightness. There is a strong desensitization and a global apathy. Everything's spinning too fast. Increasingly tight deadlines and shorter times force us to run, doing, doing and doing... without sometimes thinking about what we are really doing. And so whatever pops up. Reinventing and changing [...]

Silversnake Michelle and alter ego Pirandello double being black blonde

What if the alter ego takes over?

Well… yes, sometimes in the building of my mind Silversnake Michelle takes over Micaela and I struggle. She becomes an intrusive, bulky presence. I loathed her, I tried to kill her, but nothing... immortal like a shadow... I have already told a thousand times about the making of Silversnake, but perhaps day by day I even more understand its deeper meaning [...]

Silversnake Michelle Daniele Marchetti fear and rage for life full emptiness hollowness

That damned need for…

Evil I’ve often encountered in life; it was the strangled rivulet gurgling, it was the shriveling of parched leaves, it was the horse falling heavily. Good I have not known; except the wonder that reveals divine Indifference; it was the statue in the somnolence of noon, and the cloud, and the hawk flying high. Eugenio Montale (Italian poet). Yes, the evil of living, [...]