The freedom’s cage

Silversnake Michelle Cage

It is our responsibility, if we are slaves!
ACT ONE: Soul’s slavery
If we don't set our soul free, we can't alter a system.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings." (W. Shakespeare – Julius Caesar)

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been watching and listening... very much. Let's just say that, being unsociable and not very “bright”, I was left quite apart. So the only good thing to do was to look around me. Quite easy to do that when you're invisible to the eyes of the (human) world.

With observation and listening, I have learned to sense others a lot. To see through them. I'm very empathic.
I've been observing a lot during this time. And I withdrew from those friendships that had become a vicious cycle, tiring me out and where there was no longer an exchange, but only tiredness and wear of a relationship long dead. These are people thinking that reasons for their pain and sufferings are outside them, that everything’s around them is wrong and that they are the victims of a universal plot.
People who, in order to feel alive and part of something, invent and create dramas, minutely building them with elements that are sometimes inflated and sometimes non-existent.

They build the drama and blame it on others. Have you noticed?
They remain slaves for life in their patterns. They just don't want to get out of it, it's a pain giving protection and, above all, justification.
In the stillness of situations. In their Diallele(circular argument). We all have patterns, but evolution changes the point of view. A kind of desire for constant renewal.

People so absorbed in their very fragile Ego, that they do not perceive the surrounding reality and care so little about other people's feelings, putting their own in front of them. And if you don't indulge them, they play the victims. They look but don't see. So crushed and wrapped up by their Ego that they don't widen their horizons and, when your finger points at the Moon, they really focus on your finger... maybe even telling you that your nail polish is a mess.

It is slavery frying the conscience. And there is no awareness making you clearly discern the need, from the pleasure of being with someone. A life made of clichè.

In the first case there is too much loneliness and a kind of disconnection from their deep Ego. Dignity and self-love are lost. The notion of love is merged with that of possession. Shortly, it is the mediocrity of feelings, too spoiled and stained by the fear of abandon.
Today I understood that my path is different. It is not with submission that you experience the passion and the intensity of an emotion.

In this time of relational silence, I've learned that we're not all the same. I've learned to let go and to let flow. I understood that everyone has their own path and their own time. I understood how little I care, about being even slightly a part of their history.
Because for myself, I have a much better one.

Have a nice life.