Boredom generation: Era of Fog

Silversnake Michelle Rock and fuck the system
Several times I was asked about talent shows, and my answer has always been: “Talent shows are talent’s failure.”

Art is unique but blows up in many different styles, telling in dreams the human reality.
It always contains a message, a meaning… It must not be understandable but perceivable… that’s the good thing.

And today?

The only artists scratching and shouting themselves are in the shade. Into the fog of “Nothing” that nearly engulfs and crumbles “the land of Fantastica”.
Today is boredom’s era.
And things have come to a complete decline.
The decline of welfare and excess.
Several times I was asked about talent shows, and my answer has always been: “Talent shows are talent’s failure.”

And I ask to myself: “How bands or artists can contribute to this?” While taking part as judges they weaken music, they weaken mainly Rock that they claim so much… The logic of market and profit prevails on passion. And then you are no longer an artist, but a coward, selling artist’s soul to the highest bidder (what a bargain!!!).

Excellent singers owning nothing to tell. Virtuoso musicians without feelings. Arrangers cribbing off unlikely arrangements from “artists” such as Taylor Swift, finally retired.. doing mankind a service.
They all represent our era… pure boredom… Ten seconds of any of their songs… and you understand that computer is the lead musician. That’s the death of the real meaning of Art: soul, passion and human instinct.
We lost such of that “perfect imperfection” resonating our souls.
Bands lacks cohesion… I mean of a group enjoy playing and “telling” something.
What is lacking is strength to really be yourself and say NO to compromises. “I do not change lyrics, melody, arrangements… My songs are my children, the labour of my soul. And I am what I am.. I am not for sale. Take it or leave it.”

True feelings scares nowadays. Lyrics telling about soul’s wounds, about depression, scare us. We must live to seem and never to be.
Being yourself scares, better to copy from someone else, the copy of the copy of the copy of the copy… I wonder which was and how was the original…
And sometimes I wonder how this could it happen and how we permit that all of this could happen.
Despite all this, I really still believe.
I still believe that times can change, all of us can recognize this… passion do not bend to compromises. Rock and generally music (the “real” Music) are immortal. Art is a “Neverending Story”.
Art is pure sex, sense, the scream of my pain to the world. And sometimes I scream loud enough to die of myself.
Angels and demons clash continuously and death tear me apart from the inside. Music is the tiny spark keeping me alive inside these drops of eternal time. Is the sense of my life.
Now it’s time to rinse the mud that oppresses feelings and to restore life through arts and dream. I think that, in their own small way, true artists don’t give a damn of appearance end in itself. They really make music because they believe in this, because they exist and they thirst for life.

Is this the system nowadays?
Fuck the system and music your life!!!!
We must start again from there… hic et nunc.

Silversnake Michelle Rock and fuck the system with guitar yamaha